Climbing the glacier Jostedalsbreen

Today I climbed the huge Jostedalsbreen glacier in Norway with a sherpa from Nepal who climbed Mt. Everest 19 times already, so I was in good hands. We did need crampons, climbing rope and ice axes to ascend on this steep glacier that has lost many meters of ice this hot summer. To my pleasant surprise the composer Florian Magnus Maier and his wife and choreographer Sanja Maier-Hasagic climbed the glacier too today. Florian uses the raw nature and otherworldly landscapes as an inspiration for his music, I worked together with him and his wife on the concert and exhibition Landschappelijk Schoon in Rotterdam.

 It was a deeply moving experience, climbing this deep blue glacier. It felt like walking on another planet, and that is exactly what I'm searching for on these desolate places. I think I shot some good raw material to use in a future series.